Diving in Belize: Discovering a Marine Paradise in Central America

Belize, in Central America, offers a stunning underwater adventure with rich marine life and transparent waters. It hosts the second-largest coral reef globally, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, attracting marine lovers and conservationists. The UNESCO World Heritage Site teems with diverse sea creatures like reef fish, sharks, and sea turtles. Belize’s underwater world boasts 500 fish species and 100 coral types, creating a vibrant tapestry worth discovering.

Where to Dive in Belize

The Belize Reef is approximately 180 miles long and is the largest reef of its type in the northern hemisphere and is second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  Most diving is done with a boat ride away from your base. Ambergris Caye is a popular location to stay with the Belize Barrier Reef less than a mile from shore. This vibrant island, the largest in Belize, serves as the gateway to some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the country. Fantastic local dives sites are less than 15 minutes boat ride away with other popular sights such as the Great Blue Hole and Turneffe Atoll being further out but easily accessible as a day trip. 

Top Dive Sites from Ambergris Caye

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

A renowned underwater paradise brimming with colorful corals, tropical fish, and even nurse sharks. This marine reserve is a must-visit for divers looking to witness the diverse marine ecosystem of Belize up close.

The Great Blue Hole

An iconic underwater sinkhole that presents a jaw-dropping spectacle for divers. Explore its depths to encounter unique limestone formations and fascinating marine species such as giant groupers and reef sharks.

Turneffe Atoll

Located Southeast of Ambergris caye, Turneffe Atoll’s underwater topography features dramatic drop-offs, shallow lagoons, and expansive seagrass beds, creating a dynamic environment for marine exploration and discovery.

Where to Stay for your Dive Vacation

Sunbreeze Hotel: Your Belize Dive Resort

Strategically situated in the bustling San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, Sunbreeze Hotel is a cozy oasis for divers seeking both comfort and convenience. Boasting Caribbean-inspired decor and modern amenities, the beachfront property offers a charming retreat for those looking to unwind. SunBreeze’s distinguishing feature lies in its onsite dive shop located conveniently on the resort pier, granting easy access to the enchanting underwater world. Operated by Ambergris Divers, the hotel’s dive shop delivers exceptional services, such as equipment rentals, guided dives, and certification courses catering to divers of all skill levels.

Book a Belize dive package for an unforgettable underwater experience exploring the vibrant marine life.

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