Top 5 “You Must Dive”: The Atolls

As a refuge from the world in the outer Belize Cayes, where snorkelers and divers take in a rainbow of magnificent colours found on The Atoll’s shallow coral gardens and plunging walls.

The Atoll is located 25 miles from Belize City and contains countless cayes, mangrove forests and a shallow lagoon with a maze of channels. The reef continually grows upwards as the island erodes and sinks, becoming the central lagoon.

An atoll is a ring of coral that originally grew completely around the shoreline of an island, which continued to grow upwards on top of it as the island subside or eroded away. This island is exactly the size and shape of the coral, 54 miles circumference surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

With turquoise waters, rich marine life and untouched coral, it is an ideal place for diving and snorkelling. Most of Belize’s atolls and outer cayes are only accessible by boat, and this remoteness, along with the stunning beaches and world-class diving, makes them all the more attractive to visit and spend a few days relaxing by the ocean.

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