Turtles in Belize!

Juvenile and adult sea turtles are found throughout Belize and they are most commonly associated with healthy coral reefs.

Belize is graced by the presence of one of the world´s most endangered marine species. Three varieties of sea turtles: green, hawksbill and loggerhead are regularly located between the coast and the barrier reef.

Sea turtles are drawn to Belize because of the ideal feeding and nesting grounds. They spend their entire lives in the ocean, sea turtles return to sandy beaches to lay their eggs. These elegant creatures are elusive, but the moment of sharing the ocean with a sea turtle stretching from your toes to your shoulders is worth it.

Over the years, sea turtles population has rapidly declined due to a number of alarming threats. These reptiles can become entangled in fishing gear; they suffer the effects of pollution. Irresponsible coastal development destroys critical nesting sites.

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