Belize’s Natural Life!

Belize has an interesting and diverse vegetation profile, is an exciting country for anyone interested in the Plant Kingdom. It is home to an estimated 4,000 species of flowering plants, including over 730 tree species and some 280 orchid species.

Belize has been called “Garden of Eden”, and it is one of the few countries where thousands of forest acres are still in semi-pristine condition.  Among the plant life in Belize, you´ll find mangroves, bamboo, palms, and swamp cypresses, ferns, vines and flowers creeping from tree to tree.

Orchids are considered one of the most evolved flowering plants on earth because of their variation between species, also inhabits a wide range of habitats from the Arctic Circle to Belize, even potentially in your own backyard. It´s believed that the numbers of orchid species is larger than mammal species.  Orchids are known for their amazing variety, colours, shapes and sizes.

Belize’s national flower is the Black Orchid; the flower is actually not black at all, but deep purple or violet in colour. It’s one of the few orchids that flower all year long.

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