COVID-19 Update


Thank you for choosing Belize as your vacation destination and for booking your stay with us!
We are an approved Gold Standard hotel and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country. Belize has implemented enhanced health and safety protocols to protect you and ensure that you’ll enjoy your vacation. The following are some guidelines to help you prepare for your trip and to prepare you for what to expect during your time here.

(1) Plan your Visit

International Tourist must book a stay at a Gold Standard Hotel and present confirmation at immigration. 

(2) On Arrival

All travellers both vaccinated and unvaccinated, entering through the International airport from other countries are required to present a Negative Covid-19 Test. Negative COVID-19 PCR TEST taken within 96 hours of travel. OR Negative rapid test (Rapid Antigen, Sofia, SD Biosensor, and ABBOTT (Panbio) taken within 48 hours of travel. * Children under the age of 5 are not required to present a negative COVID test; However, children 5 years and older must present a negative COVID test. *if no test is presented, a COVID-19 test will be administered at the airport. (USD$50 per passenger).

(3) During Your Stay

Follow all safety protocols & enjoy your Belize experience.

  • Facemasks are required throughout the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) and at all times when in public spaces. 
  • Keep your Proof of Vaccination or your COVID-19 test results readily available for Health Officials. 
  • Depending on your health screening, you may be randomly selected for secondary testing. If you test positive, you will be required to quarantine at a Government approved hotel. Quarantine is mandatory for a minimum of 14-days and health officials must provide clearance for you to leave the country. 
  • Practice social distancing, wash hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.
    Use only Gold Standard certified accommodations, tour operators, tourism transportation providers (car rentals, domestic airlines, taxis), and visit Gold Standard restaurants, gift shops, and tourism sites all of whom have implemented enhanced health and safety protocols for your protection.  The complete list of Gold Standard entities can be found here.

Leaving Belize

The US, Canada, and several other countries now require proof of a negative COVID test for entry. To meet these new requirements, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has expanded testing to facilitate all persons departing from Belize for travel to the US and other countries. Antigen (rapid) testing is available on-site at various hotels across the country, by a Ministry of Health & Wellness approved health facility.

  • Advise your hotel during check-in if you will require testing to return to your home country.
  • Many hotels are offering packages which include the cost of the test; verify with your hotel to see what offers they have available.
  • Click here to see the complete listing of approved testing facilities.

SunBreeze Hotel – A Gold Standard Approved Hotel

Belize Gold Standard Approved

We welcome you with our warm Belizean Hospitality. As we continue to ensure the health, safety and well being of our guests and employees. During these past few months as we prepare to meet and exceed the requirements of the standard set out by the Belize Tourism Board hotel and tour operators Tourism Gold Standard Certificate. We have carried out extensive training with our employees to enhance the cleaning and sanitation throughout the property including our partners at the Shalom Day Spa, Ambergris Divers and Blue Water Grill Restaurant. 

  •   A program manager whose responsibility will ensure that collectively we adhere to the health and safety plan that was developed for the property.
  •   Wellness check by taking temperature of all employees before commencing work and guest will have their temperature taken at check in and periodically thereafter. With temperature exceeding 37°C we will be required to report to the Ministry of Health in order that they may provide us with instructions.
  •   All guests are responsible to cover their expenses for medical attention, transfer to and from the medical facility and if quarantine is required.
  •   Physical distancing 6 feet apart is being enforced for employees and guests where possible. Unless you are a family traveling together you will be excused.
  •   Seating at Blue Water Grill has been modified to 50% capacity to ensure there is 6 feet between tables. Our Blue Water Grill will be open 7:00am to 9:00pm daily. Online ordering and payment is available.
  •   All public areas have procedures implemented to have high touch areas and spaces sanitized and disinfected regularly.
  •   Our guest rooms have trained employees to pay attention to high touch areas and items such a TV remotes, A/C remotes, telephones etc. Your room will have been fully cleaned, disinfected and sanitized before your arrival. A Gold Standard Card will be hanging on your door supporting that all GSC cleaning standards are met. Guest rooms are serviced every other day. Additional towels are provided and extra linen available on request.
  •   Employees have been provided with the personal protective equipment such as face mask, face shield, rubber gloves and all other PPE’s needed to be safe and to make sure you too are safe. All guests will be required to wear face mask while in public spaces.
  •   Sanitizing stations has been established in strategic areas available for all employees and guests.
  •   We have minimized the need for physical contact at check in such as requesting guest to pre-register by providing us the information required and by being able to make online payments atcheckout.
    We look forward to having you with us and in making your stay most memorable.

We look forward to having you with us and in making your stay most memorable.

For further information on the new destination protocols and frequently asked questions, please visit: 

Important Update For Our Guests - COVID 19 Response