Sunbreeze Hotel

Imagine being able to enjoy a deserved rest. Taking the sun and have total relaxation. All this you can enjoy on Ambergris Caye. You can enjoy spectacular leisure, and enjoy the island and take an amazing ride on the sea with a specialized team of divers. Ambergris Caye is Belize’s paradise and features many attractions … Read more


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Belize Music

The Garifuna culture in Belize is very similar to the African culture and this is evident comparing their music. The Garifuna music style relies heavily on call and response patterns. These patterns are less overlapping than many traditional ones found in Africa. The music of the Garifuna culture at Belize has many styles including: punta, … Read more

Having Fun In Belize!

Fun things to do in Belize: 1.       Go Snorkelling 2.       Go Manatee Watch 3.       Go Reef diving 4.       Go Dive The Blue Hole 5.       Go for a Beach Picnic   6.       Go Fishing 7.       Go visit the Maya Ruins 8.       Go Parasailing 9.       Go Caving 10.     Go Explore The Wildlife & Natural Reserves 11.     Go Bird watching 12.     Go Sunbathing under the clear blue skies 13.     Build a … Read more

Wildlife in Belize

Belize with very rich and diverse wildlife, the country also offers savannahs, mountain regions and lowlands. Belize has over 500 Species of amazing birds; the national bird of Belize is the Keel-Billed Toucan with gorgeous green, red, yellow and black exotic colours this typically is found in lowland forest or forest borders. One of the … Read more

Flora y Fauna

Belize a small country rich in flora and fauna. More or less 4,000 different species of native flowering plants are found within its borders, along with about 700 species of trees and several hundred species of other plants. There are five cat species at Belize. The largest, the jaguar was among the most revered animal … Read more

Beaches in Belize

Belize borders the Caribbean Sea and has more than 200 islands (Cayes). The mainland, as well as the islands, boast beautiful, warm beaches ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, fishing, surfing, and many other water sports. The most popular places for visitors to the country are the offshore islands, known locally as cayes.

Ambergris Caye and the Maya Civilization

Ambergris Caye was once populated by the Maya Civilization, which is why nowadays you can find a Maya site, Marco Gonzales, on the southern tip of the island. It is believed that the first Mayan setters that occupied Ambergris Caye totaled 10,000 people and inhabited almost every part of the island. Among their greatest achievements … Read more


Scuba Diving in Belize can be the perfect getaway during your vacation. Remember that safety and fun can be combined. Just follow these simple tips: 1.      Choose a scuba diving trip between daily reef boat dives which takes 10 to 20 minutes to the site by boat,  and The Great Blue Hole or Turneffe Elbow … Read more

Belize Places

Belize has many attractions, is a Central American Country, whose shores are washed by the Caribbean Sea. We leave a few places you should visit – Ambergris Caye: Located on the island of San Pedro, protected by the barrier reef in the Caribbean. From here you can move to Caye Caulker, where water sports. Lighthouse … Read more

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