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Belize has natural beauties recognized locally and internationally. Their beaches are full of amazing barer reefs. Many people from around the world chose this country for their vacation destination, mainly because of the adventure that the underworld water offers, like enjoying scuba diving.

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The ecotourism is very appreciated in your Belize family vacation; therefore there are a great variety of hotels in the area. There are different kinds of hotels that offer a variety of price range. You can find hotels with packages that are all inclusive or only have accommodation and transportation included. But if you have a tight budget and are looking for the most for your money, many people would recommend looking for an all inclusive hotel.

There are other options for family activities. Many families enjoy spending time at the beach, with the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, while other choose to find an adventure in the jungle or many other activities that this country can offer.

In San Pedro Belize the Belizean culture has a unique blend that emerged through the country's long history. You can find a diversity of costumes, food and traditions. Getting to know this country is an enriched experience that will give you a new perspective of the Latin American region.

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